Comfortably Lead - Support - Connect Your Life

The Life Explorer's Guide

Blocked by the Clouds (What’s Getting in Your Way)


What in This Chapter Seems Familiar to You?

How is Your Life Going?  Too fast?  Too Slow?  Feeling Stuck?  Going Well?


This Guide is Specifically Designed & Intended to Make it Easier for You to . . .

- Comfortably Lead & Reliably Support Your Life -

It Takes an Ongoing Partnership -- With Your Own Heart-Engaging Spirit -- for This to Happen.


Those Who ‘Explore’:

1.  Are Reliably Prompted to Do So - With Their Own Sense of Spirit;

2.  Manage to Gather the Resources - the Support They Need;

3.  Take Clear Action to Make This Happen.


Each of us Gets & Feels Stuck During Our Own Life:

At Times Unwilling - At Times Unable - To Simply Explore, Learn, & Grow Through Life.


With Compassion,

All Who Have or Develop an Interest in ‘Leading One’s Own Life’

Can Attend to This – with Patience & Passion - & Make It Happen.

Even if You are Unsure About This,

Be An Explorer . . . Continue On Your Life Journey . . .

Let Your Spirit & This ‘Novel’ Journey Be Your Guide, as WELL ...                                                                                           

Supportive Resources -- to Make It Easier For You to GO On:

v Heart-Engaging Music
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Ř  'Sound' Links – 

§  GOing 'Nowhere'?  Openly Express Your Voice (Even when Unaccomplished & Amateur)

Ř  'Connecting' Videos --  

§  The Beatles - Nowhere Man

§  Linda Ronstadt - Someone to Watch Over Me

§  Frank Sinatra – Cycles

(Search/Find/Add Other Examples by These & Other Artists, if Links are Missing.)

v Continue:  GO on . . .

Ř  Want to Grow or Become Secure   

Explore - Experience - Add to Your Life

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