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More Ahead


Blocked by the Clouds


We're all on a journey, moving in various directions, seeking happiness and success. We each encounter uncomfortable, cloudy times ... but at different points along the way.

Finding simple happiness is like receiving the gentle warmth of the sun when it is most welcome. Becoming aware of what can cloud the way is useful information for anyone on a journey. It helps us to prepare for what lies ahead and to respond to the elements.

Even the Clouds Have Their Place -

The world we all share offers a good example every day. Without clouds there would be far less variety in our weather - and less protection from the heat of the sun. When it's best for us to take cover, clouds usually provide some warning, alerting us to the elements. Without the moisture they provide, our plant life would eventually cease to exist.

In certain ways, more difficult to see, the barriers which exist in our lives are similar. If we had no barriers, we might have no limits, but also no challenge, no warning of possible danger, no diversity, and less opportunity to grow.

This hardly seems comforting when we're really stuck - when a positive attitude alone simply isn't enough to break through. A little less of a challenge would be a welcome relief at times like these.

Fortunately, we aren't bound to one spot like the plants, helpless victims to the elements. Even when it feels that way, we can take steps to move to a more comfortable, rewarding position.

Sometimes it seems safer to do nothing - avoid taking unwise risks. But with the right preparation and sense of direction, we can often venture ahead safely - keeping protection nearby. Waiting too long can impair our ability to move.

Where to Begin -

We start to get past barriers when we simply want to find more comfortable conditions. That's all it takes to start - even if we don't know what to do next. The way can become clear, but we first must start here.


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