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Helping Others:  Past Examples

The Powerful Mini-Seminar

"Self-Leadership & Simple Harmony"


"How to Achieve Results and Balance Your Life"

One Exciting Meeting-Length Presentation (90 Minutes or Less)


Why:These days it's easy to feel stretched or stuck; this helps open pathways. It motivates people to action, by helping them find and choose their steps.
How:Uniquely satisfying -- like when you assemble something to make your life easier and it works even better than you expected. Participants:
  • Review common barriers to progress & enjoyment
  • Find 8 clear Steps to Comfortably Lead Your Life (1st letters spell "GO LIVE IT")
  • Unveil versatile ways to make Achieving possible & Harmony practical

Powerful, fun & creatively easy to remember -- the presenter even conveys a few key points with the harmonica (the instrument/handout also resembles one).

Includes: The Self-Leadership InstrumentTM
Complete and concise -- this takes little effort to use, and is good for life. Unlike time planners, you use this to help choose actions as you go. Select an action from a range of options, and easily do it -- even in the most difficult situations. Pure and Simple.

Outcomes:Comfortably lead your own life. This provides versatile actions to:
  • Handle troubling barriers (when you feel stuck or frustrated)
  • Achieve results you want
  • Build the quality of life you want
  • Measure how you're doing and
  • Make adjustments as you go
Who:Jay Schimke is a dynamic international speaker. Author of the acclaimed book, Go WELL Beyond the Barriers, and Founder of the leadership & wellness consulting firm, Results AZ WELL Partners, Jay has 16 years as a School Psychologist, Training Director, and Human Resources Manager inside a wide range of world-class companies, including American Express. He has been featured on regional and national radio programs.

 Self-Leadership & Simple Harmony

Here's a sample list of Who Has Attended this seminar:


Corporations/ Large Businesses (delivered in many formats)

  • American Express (internationally) for 9 years, and
  • the University of Utah Medical Center for 5 prior years.

Human Service Groups/ United Way Organizations

  • American Cancer Society
  • Administrators -- Boys and Girls Clubs of Phoenix
  • Campfire Council of Greater Arizona
  • American Red Cross
  • Senior Companion Program
  • AZPEN (Arizona Professional Employees Network)
  • Division of Children and Family Services

Public Audiences

  • Crescent Hotel
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel

Professional/ Educational/ Small Business Groups

  • The Institute of Management Consultants
  • The National Society for Performance and Instruction
  • Ottawa University Counseling Program -- Graduate Students
  • Law firm
  • Chiropractic office

Plus discussions, including:

  • Local, regional, and national radio program interviews; and
  • 5 book signings at key bookstores
  • (4 at Bookstar outlets, 1 at Franciscan Renewal Center).













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